The practicality that we require of our lives as small business owners shows up in our work. It’s not a job to us – it’s who we are and we’ve been applying it to our work since 2005.

NewOver for Business

Our design and development work is carefully edited and practical as we understand the importance of it’s usage on the web and in-hand as printed materials. After all the excess is stripped away, we add only what enhances what is already at work.

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NewOver for Home

Our decluttering work is intense and methodical. We understand that every space we encounter is different. After the clutter is cleared, we add back in only what is useful and beautiful.

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Home Testimonials
“I’ve coveted Cassie’s design aesthetic and knack for organizing for years. When the opportunity to have her help me address my over-stuffed, disheveled, disaster of an office arose, I jumped at the chance. Her passion for this kind of work is clear. Her tips and guidance for sorting through a lifetime of possessions was eye-opening.

With friendly and supportive assistance, I’ve made mental and physical space in my life so I can spend more time doing the things I love and less time feeling guilty for not having my shit together (can I swear in a testimonial?). I got really excited when I realized that with room in my office closet, I can keep my vacuum cleaner in there and not just leave it out like another piece of furniture. A New Over for your home is the best kind of self-care I can imagine.”

“I have always wanted an organized home and dreamed about being one of these people that can actually find my favorite shirt instead of picking up whatever is on top of the clean laundry pile. As work and life got busier with a kiddo in the picture (and one on the way!) I got farther away from that goal and more buried in stuff. I was starting to accept that that was just that way life was going to be, but it was driving me insane. We bought a bigger house to accommodate having kids but all it did was store more crap. I was drowning in stuff.

I couldn’t have made this change without Cassie; her methodology, her positive attitude, her excitement, her support. Her obsession for simplicity is contagious. With every closet I got more addicted. I found my self looking forward to getting home from work so I could go ditch more crap. It felt freeing. Now I am just surrounded by the things that I love and need. They are organized in a system that makes sense and is easy to maintain. I used to dread putting laundry away and it was a huge point of contention in our marriage. Now that everything has a place to go, laundry doesn’t weigh me down. I don’t buy anything without knowing exactly where it is going to go when I bring it home. Eliminating the clutter surrounding me freed up brain space to focus on more important things. It’s easier to see the big picture and to tackle home design projects without junk in the way.

I knew that I needed a big change and if I didn’t make it before baby number two came I was going to get buried. My NewOver was the kickstart that I needed to move towards the life I’ve always wanted to live.”

“Between a young family and new business we haven’t had much time to overhaul our space. We do our Spring cleaning, then purge and get organized for the winter some weekend in the fall. We always feel fresher when we get after it and clean house, but have never been able to commit the time to diving in deep enough to truly make a lifestyle change. Cassie poured the gas on that process. She went through it all. Her curated taste, thoughtful eye, and an appreciation for how to connect with your spaces and possessions brings a whole new perspective to your world.

Her passion for simplicity is inspiring. It feels like our home is easier to maintain. The projects we’ve had on the horizon suddenly feel like we could tackle tomorrow. The best part? It’s allowed us to travel more. We know where stuff is, we spend less time packing, more time planning, and more time out in the world. It’s amazing.”

“As a retail shop owner, I need my morning hours before my shop opens to be productive. My kitchen has slowly become my easy, go-to morning workspace.  I love starting my day listening to MPR with a fresh cup of coffee as I create an agenda for my workday. Walking into a messy space each morning was creating immediate distractions and stress for me.

Cassie helped me tackle the space by encouraging me to look at the larger picture and by identifying what I wanted to achieve by decluttering and simplifying. For me it was to have a calm, peaceful morning to set my goals before heading to my shop for the day. By focusing on the necessity of each item in my cupboards, drawers, and closet, we were able to eliminate excess and redundant items that cluttered my physical and mental space.

With Cassie’s guidance I was able to create a calm workspace environment that I look forward to each morning. She made the process easy and less daunting by taking things step by step. I absolutely recommend Cassie and the NewOver principles to anyone looking to create a better, more enjoyable environment in their home or workspace.”