We focus on Design, Development and Strategy because that’s what we do best. We are a small team which makes us agile and efficient. Whether you’re a startup, big businesses, agency or homeowner – we tackle projects of all sizes. Check out our WORK page for a closer look at what we do.

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With a wide range of design skills in our wheelhouse, we’re able to fit in right where you need us. We’ve helped retail shop owners get their dream up and running as well as large agencies who need to wow a client with a specialty design project. Taking on a diverse set of projects works for us because we know how to carry out ideas across all types of media. We bring logos to life and create supporting elements to give your customers unique and meaningful experiences.

We design with: business owners, developers, app creators, startups, agencies, photographers, videographers

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We take an iterative approach to all development projects. This allows us to hone in on an idea and build it to scale. We help individuals, agencies and large companies launch specialty digital products and apps that can grow quickly and efficiently. Our attention to detail and appreciation for design leads us to create applications that are not only robust but also user friendly

We develop with: designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, app creators, startups, agencies, digital strategists, SEO specialists

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By stripping away things that aren’t needed in a business, owners can better focus on the things that are working well and optimize them to the way they operate. The same applies to a home: removing the excess clutter and designing a space with what you already have allows a greater appreciation of things and a more efficient use of space. The added bonus? This creates more time for you to spend on what you value most.

We declutter with: homeowners, retail shop owners, realtors, interior designers, movers, new parents, downsizers

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NewOver for Business

With more than 10 years of expertise in brand design and mobile development, we work to infuse new energy into brands – both online and off.

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NewOver for Home

We help people achieve peace of mind at home. By decluttering your space, we help you create more time for the things you value the most.