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August 2016

“Between a young family and new business we haven’t had much time to overhaul our space. We do our Spring cleaning, then purge and get organized for the winter some weekend in the fall. We always feel fresher when we get after it and clean house, but have never been able to commit the time to diving in deep enough to truly make a lifestyle change. Cassie poured the gas on that process. She went through it all. Her curated taste, thoughtful eye, and an appreciation for how to connect with your spaces and possessions brings a whole new perspective to your world.

Her passion for simplicity is inspiring. It feels like our home is easier to maintain. The projects we’ve had on the horizon suddenly feel like we could tackle tomorrow. The best part? It’s allowed us to travel more. We know where stuff is, we spend less time packing, more time planning, and more time out in the world. It’s amazing.”

JM, Minneapolis

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