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August 2016

“I have always wanted an organized home and dreamed about being on of these people that can actually find my favorite shirt instead of picking up whatever is on top of the clean laundry pile. As work and life got busier with a kiddo in the picture (and one on the way!) I got farther away from that goal and more buried in stuff. I was starting to accept that that was just that way life was going to be, but it was driving me insane. We bought a bigger house to accommodate having kids but all it did was store more crap. I was drowning in stuff.

I couldn’t have made this change without Cassie; her methodology, her positive attitude, her excitement, her support. Her obsession for simplicity is contagious. With every closet I got more addicted. I found my self looking forward to getting home from work so I could go ditch more crap. It felt freeing. Now I am just surrounded by the things that I love and need. They are organized in a system that makes sense and is easy to maintain. I used to dread putting laundry away and it was a huge point of contention in our marriage. Now that everything has a place to go, laundry doesn’t weigh me down. I don’t buy anything without knowing exactly where it is going to go when I bring it home. Eliminating¬†the clutter surrounding me freed up brain space to focus on more important things. It’s easier to see the big picture and to tackle home design projects without junk in the way.

I knew that I needed a big change and if I didn’t make it before baby number two came I was going to get buried. My NewOver was the kickstart that I needed to move towards the life I’ve always wanted to live.”

AM, Minneapolis

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